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3D Roller Massager

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3D Roller Massager 360 Rotate Silver. Health Care Thin Face Detector. Slimming Facial Massage Relaxation Beauty Healthy Tool.


  • Gently rolling massage the skin
  • Do not force the rolling massage, or in the same place repeatedly rolling massage, if use it will make your skin feel pain
  • Follow three minutes each time, three times a day the frequency of use, and then adjust (increase or decrease) according to the state of the skin massage time
  • Evenly massage parts, can also be used directly after makeup, but with clear water or warm water after using carefully cleaned properly kept

Y type massage stick to note:

  • In use process, if appear skin ache or other abnormal phenomenon, please immediately stop using Y type massage stick and examined a medical professional
  • Roller if stained with makeup or leather fat, may be because the oxidation and brown spots, if appear the phenomenon, please use a toothbrush with a small amount of cleanser or toothpaste powder brush gently wash out
  • Please pay attention to the use, in case of Y type massage stick with hot water or hot air from drier and cause deformation or melt
  • Pay attention to use Y type massage stick, lead to damage to or loss of roller when the fall to the ground in case
  • Pay attention to use Y type massage stick, in case of excessive force press foot handle part, cause the handle is broken
  • Y type massage stick cracks or plating fall off, or use words may cause malfunctioning of the roller are sore skin
  • Pay attention to the use, rolling can damage cloth on the clothes

Cautions before usage:

  • Take off the accessories such as necklace, earrings.
  • Piled up hair or firm them with hair band, to avoid hair entaglement, and the rolling will be more smooth. Use the hairpin for short hair.
  • Pay attention to the hair around the ears to avoid entanglement.
  • For dry or sensitive skin, please paint some lotion before usage.