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LED Zoomable Sensor Headlamp - 50000 Lumen 5*T6

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LED Zoomable Sensor Headlamp 50000 Lumen 5*T6 Suitable for Bicycle Light, Flashlight Torch, Lantern, Fishing Headlight and for Camping light.


"I really like this headlamp. I use them all the time around the house since I don't have a lot of street lights where I live and my driveway is long. This one works great, comes with the batteries which is always nice, is rechargeable and it is very bright. Great product, strongly recommended." ★★★★★  Matt P. - USA



  • With sensor mode (ZOOMable).
  • 4 Working Modes:1 middle light,2 vice lights,3 lights,3 lights strobe.
  • Rotary zoom:Zoom in/out,The scope of light is adjustable
  • Rechargeable:AC,USB,Car 3 different charging way.
  • Waterproof:can be used in rainy, but do not put it into the water.

How to open the sensor mode:

  • Long press the switch until the back light turn to blue,the sensor mode open;
  • Wave your hand before the light, light will turn on
  • Wave again,light will turn off.

4 Lighting mode meet your different needs:

  • Main light, the brightness is concentrated in a circular spot, you can attract big fish.
  • Vice lights, the spot is more scattered and the most power, you can use a long time without stimulating glasses, close to use when you can use.
  • all lights, the maximum range of light exposure to the immediate range of 110 Degree, can be used in the hole underwater easy to find items and adventure.
  • Strobe, you can guarantee the safety of the night ride, so that the car at 1 km to do the slow preparation, but also for help.