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6 Teeth Wood Carving Disc

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Tired of carving woods by using hand tools?

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This powerful 6 Teeth Wood Carving Disc is designed to mount on a standard electric angle grinder and provide rapid material removal to save your time and effort, meet your various needs. Comfortable, effortless operation! The Wood Carving Disc allowing you to easily and quickly remove a variety of materials!

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Great for hardwood. Made of fine quality alloy, high hardness, wear resistance, easy to install and use.

Six-tooth gives a smooth and controllable grinding and polishing action to maximize the grinding performance.

It can be used for woodworking, wood carving, root carving, polishing tea trays and coffee tables, etc.

Compatible with a 16mm aperture angle grinder.

Easy to use and operate, allowing the removal of small or large amounts of material.


  • Material: alloy
  • Style: Arc teeth and Flat teeth
  • Arc teeth: Tea tray digging
  • Flat teeth: Grinding plane
  • Inner diameter: 16mm / 0.6in
  • Outer diameter: 90mm / 3.5in
  • Groove depth: 7mm / 0.3in
  • Weight: Arc teeth: 294g / 10.4ounce and Flat teeth: 341g / 12.0ounce


  • 1 x 6 Teeth Wood Carving Disc