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LED Luminous False Eyelash

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Colorful LED Eyelashes Luminous Shining Eyelash For Halloween Christmas Party Bar Makeup Unisex LED Light Eyelid False Eyelashes.


  • This product is suitable for bar nightclub party and other occasions, high burst atmosphere and very cool. 
  • Long and curly eyelashes, no one will refuse, even if the boys, the company launched a new special fake eyelashes, you can make your eyes really "power" full, even eyes floodlight, because it is led lights Made! It seems that the general false eyelashes have been unable to meet some of the crowd.
  • This LED false eyelashes can Control by sound, When sound more than 60 decibels Will light up automatically,flash intensity decided by by volume of the sound.
  • LED eyelashes built-in 2*CR2032 battery, sustainable light about 4 hours, waterproof, fever is not obvious, almost no feeling.
  • Some people may worry that this eyelash light will flash to his eyes, which do not have to worry about, because it is relatively weak light, will not cause harm to the eyes.
  • .In addition, this eyelash is also equipped with a controller, used to control the light, the volume is very small, can be fixed on the hair card.
  • Heart to act quickly!


  • Size: 11.3 * 7 * 1.8cm
  • Weight: 24g
  • Color: As Picture
  • Button control, a button battery

Package Included:

  • 2pcs Eyelash Tapes
  • 1pc Control Board
  • Issuing card