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Reflexology Walk Cobblestone Foot Massager

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Reflexology Walk Cobblestone Pain Relief Foot Massager. Acupoint Massage Mat Pad. Acupressure and Promote sleep.


  • Colored Plastic Walk Stone Square Healthy Foot Massage Mat Pad Cushion
  • It is helpful for the internal organs of body to walk on the plastic stone in healthy foot massage mat.
  • Every one can use it,especiallly The Middle-age and old,and those people sitting to work and study for a long time.
  • Made of PP special plastic
  • Healthy foot-massage mat has to feature of high rigidity and wearresistant .
  • It is easy to use without the limit of places; you can move it any time and use it wherever inside or outside.
  • Size (L x W)  34x34cm


  • When you use it in first time, put a  thin blanket on product, put on socks to walk, reduce pain, after a period of time can walk barefoot.


  • Not fit for those people has the symptom of haemorrhageto use during the period of haemorrhage.
  • Such as hemoptysis, haemorrhage, have blood in their stool , hemorrhuage rom stomach and intestine from womb , viscera etc.
  • Not fit for women at the period of menstruation and pregnancy
  • Not fit for patients at the moving period of phthisis, patients at the unsteady state of acute myocardial infarction, patients with serious kidney failure or serious heart failure
  • Please ask for doctor's advice for other serious illness.